Degrowth: liberation from growthism #114

In this episode, Naomi Fowler explores degrowth and how we liberate ourselves from ‘growthism’ with economic anthropologist Jason Hickel. (The full converation will be released soon as a Taxcast Extra, the full conversation is too good to miss!)

Plus: there can be no liberation without tackling monopoly power, or the role of finance sectors and States, investing in death and destruction across the world.

The transcript is available here (some is automated and may not be 100% accurate)


“We should seek to organise the economy around meeting human needs rather than around servicing elite consumption and capital accumulation. And that requires a pretty dramatic shift from sort of the status quo of our economic system.” ~ Jason Hickel “There’s no way we can build local resilience and sustainable economies when faced with monopoly players who can dominate markets and use their financial power to over-ride democracy through their lobbying.” ~ John Christensen

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