Paradigm shifts on tax, and who are ‘the uncounted’? Tax Justice Network November 2019 podcast

This month Naomi Fowler speaks to Tax Justice Network CEO Alex Cobham about his new book The Uncounted on the politics of counting. Who’s missing from the stats, from the bottom to the very top? And how can we count better? Plus: For decades corporate tax cuts have been touted as the way to promote the economy. This month the Tax Justice Network’s John Christensen talks about a paradigm shift on corporate tax in the UK general election: and we look at the results of Trump’s corporate tax cuts in the US – did they deliver what he promised?

If the rich, if the elites, if the big companies are obviously not meeting their fair share, not meeting their part of the social contract, why should I? And you know, why should I be the only mug who pays tax? And it erodes all the way down. And this is how States and societies crumble.” ~ Alex Cobham

“Neo-liberalism is finished, it’s a busted flush, we’re going to see a change, if not at this election it’s certainly coming and I have the same sense from the US. And the tax justice agenda will feature prominently in whatever comes next” ~ John Christensen