The Corporate Tax Haven Index – how to fix the world’s broken tax system: June 2019 podcast

In this month’s June 2019 podcast we look at the new Corporate Tax Haven Index released by the Tax Justice Network. What does it tell us about the global economy and the international tax system? And how can we fix it? We also look at how India is pushing the G20 into action on global tax rules – if they don’t act it will implement its own rules…

The Corporate Tax Haven Index provides one of those really rare glimpses of what actually happens underneath the bonnet of the global economy. It tells several disturbing stories” ~ John Christensen

“No, colonialism isn’t over! It got replaced by the incredibly inequitable victims of world trade and particularly tax havens…it’s a giant transfer upwards. We have this system of global corporate colonialism, which is actually as exploitative as the crown colonialism that it replaced. I believe that countries are responsible for their history, just like individual human beings are responsible for the crimes they commit. So what I am calling for is immigration as reparations, the west stole the future of the poor countries. And now you’ve desperate and starving masses and they want to come to the west, not to invade and conquer and loot and pillage, but to work.”

~ Suketu Mehta, author of This Land Is Our Land: An Immigrant’s Manifesto

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